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The sale of farm produce and services is our only way of earning a living and pursuing our way of life.
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You want to find out about the animals we raise, or want to know more about them...
You want to keep Poitou donkeys or raise goats and you haven’t the experience to acquire or raise them...
You are uncertain about the rules and regulations concerning these animals...

Then our courses are made for you !

These courses are tailored to your needs and last from 2 to 4 days (on site accommodation, maximum 4 people).

We don’t pretend to teach you everything, only to pass on our experience in raising and keeping animals - the knowledge that we have acquired and the techniques we have refined.

These courses will doubtless help you avoid making mistakes but they will also give you a good background in the important points of breeding, for example:

4 main points would be covered :

1- general knowledge of the animal

  • the types and norms of that animal
  • it’s origins
  • the stud book
  • the different families within the breed
  • it’s links with the regionson standard
  • ...

2 - the law and administration

  • marking and chipping
  • transportation
  • certificates of pedigree and birth
    registering for shows
  • ...

3 - the technicalities

  • stabling/housing
  • food
  • ...

4 - the practicalities

  • weaning
  • care
  • hoof cutting
  • e nourrissage
  • ...

Prices :

This depends upon the number of participants, length of course and time of year.

Please ask us for a quote.