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Donkey of Poitou



The rearing of the Poitou donkeys started on the farm in 1999, with the arrival of Hirondelle

Ogham and Jean

It was the realization of an old dream.

Indeed, since 1998, the goats have filled our days. We’ve always been attracted by these big hairy beasts, associated with the history of our region both rich and famous.

We love their strength and their primitive look behind which lies calm, gentleness and stability. They are marvelous companions.

In realizing our passion, we wanted our efforts to contribute to the safekeeping of this breed threatened with extinction (there were not more than 20 males and 24 females more or less blood related in 1977). We therefore made the choice to raise only those animals listed in the breed’s stud book.

This comprises two books :

Book A, which is a census of animals descended from the original livestock

Book B, confronts the necessity of introducing new blood and concerns animals descending from Spanish or Portuguese females (strains close to that of the Poitou donkey) served by pure race stallions, within a framework of an interbreeding program.

It also seemed indispensable to us to preserve the existing genetic stock and to extend its range. This is why we utilise animals included in each of these books.

We live on the farm, the meadows are next to the house, so it is easy to consecrate three or four hours to the feeding ( grazing concentrates and supplements) and care to our donkeys.

The reproduction of our animals is the object of all this care :

We let our females reproduce every two years on average. They are covered by certified purebred stallions belonging to the National Stud farm or private studs, chosen for their genes and physical characteristics, but also for their character, all this within the framework of the breeding program defined by the Interregional park of the Marais Poitevin.

With “Qualif de Ouimes”, we help with the covering, both with ‘compatible’ females of our herd and with females entrusted to us. (See Prices).

Finally, we stay up with our females to help with the birth. This also allows us to be the first contact with the new-born....

Our continual presence is justified and recompensed by the behaviour of our animals: they are gentle, loving and confident.


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