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Farm products on sale


Our livestock

Our produce is sold exclusively on the farm.



Our free-range Marans chickens – noire cuivree ( black/bronze), froment (wheat) and fauve a queue noire (black-tailed tawny) are allowed to wander freely and are only grain fed. They lay large dark brown eggs from spring to autumn. If possible bring your own egg boxes.



As well as providing an interesting and practical solution for those people allergic to cows’ milk our goats’ milk is deliciously rich and smooth. It goes to make a really special cheese, but it is also very good when used in cooking – sauces, desserts, etc. Please bring a container and let us know in advance so that we can keep some back for you. Our goats do not produce for two months in the winter.



All flowers,


Chestnut flowers,

Colza (Rape seed)


It depends of our stock.