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The sale of farm produce and services is our only way of earning a living and pursuing our way of life.
A VAT receipt is provided with every transaction.

Livery stabling

We provide livery for your jennies for the duration of their stay required ( the period of being on heat, or just to the first ultrasound scan...)

They will be treated as our own: kept in the meadow, with supplementary straw and hay, plus two daily feeds of concentrates.

A lower tariff could be charged to those owners whose jennies do not require concentrates


Prices :

Livery : 4.25 euros per day, tax notincluded.

Note that with the extra space and care the price rises to 7.00 euros from the 11the day after a positive ultrasound scan.

Supplementary charges :

Box (in the barn) : 1.50 per day, tax included.

Reduction :

A reduction is given to owners entrusting us to more than one jenny.