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Poitevin goats


Legend has it that the poitevine goat was a present left by the Arabs vanquished at Poitiers by Charles Martel....
It seems more probable that it is a branch of the now-extinct goat family of the Massif Central, like its cousin the Pyrenean goat.

Replaced in farming in the first half of the twentieth century by more productive breeds,
the Poitevine goat has, nevertheless, some great qualities which justify its preservation and breeding.
It is an animal which captured our hearts with its sensitive and cheerful character, its hardiness, its fertility and the exceptional quality of the cheese made from its milk.
Of course, this choice has made things a little difficult, as we have to reach our daily average production quotas !

Reconciling selection and genetic variability, finding the most suitable breeders etc...
This is also what makes our life interesting !
Apart from a light complement of nitrogen, our goats’ menu is composed of straw, hay and lucerne/alfalfa and cereals.

It is the birth of the kids which induces the milk production for about ten months. Our goats produce their young in their natural season, from the end of December to the beginning of March depending on the year and weather. We select our males according to their genetic traits, the milk production of their mother, their type and their character.