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Animals for sale

The sale of farm products and services is our only way of earning a living and pursuing our chosen way of life.
VAT receipts are provided on all transactions.


If you are looking to buy any of the animals we breed : males and females from several days old, to after weaning, to those of ‘retirement’ age, for breeding or just for company..

Just ask, make us part of your dream.

Poitou donkeys – females (jennies) and males (jacks)

All our donkeys have health and birth certificates supplied by the Haras National ( The National Stud Organization), and are chipped and vaccinated.
Each sale has a contract and a certificate of good health.

Amarok de Ouismes is for sale

Briolette de Ouismes is to book

"Quairelle de Ouismes" and her firstborn, "Uhlan de Ouismes", son of ‘"Ogham"


Poitevine goats – nannies and billies

All our goats (Caprines) are inventoried by the association for the defence and development of the Poitevine goat.

Our sheepdogs

Poitevin sheepdogs don’t exist but we were seduced by a big, solid very shaggy breed with a sturdy character.

It is the Berger de Brie (the Brie sheepdog), or the Briard, which has a legendary loyalty. (There is a famous legend about the Briard of Montargis).

‘Candie-Rousse of Clos de Serre’ and ‘Croquant de la Vallee des Morens’, (their pedigree names), are tawny coloured sheepdogs, who come from a long line of champions. They have registered and confirmed pedigrees.

As well as the spontaneous help that ‘Croquant’ gives us with the goats, the dogs are companionable pets who share our life and home. We don’t really keep them just for breeding.
We foresee them having two litters in the course of their life.


Births Column :

Six puppies were born on the seventh of October 2010 - 2 males and 4 females.